black stripes

by - 2/12/2012

Today, I have this black stripes dress which I really like to combinate with the little perfume bottle.
I'll be look perfectly with sweet black ballerina for spring.
These little perfume bottle necklace is from H&M.
I just can't wait for spring this year. So many changes are coming soon. I am really exciting.
Right now, I'm watching my favorite sunday Tv-shows The secret life of a american teenager and Make it or Break it. Lately, I am making dinner for my sister and me, but I don't know, what can I cook.
To this time now, Victoria Beckham's Fashion show is beginning in New York's Public Library. I wanna see the first pictures of her new collection. Besides the big shows in Manhattan, I have read the big news of Whitney Houston death. I am really shocked, when I read the news online. That's so sad and the world lost a great voice. Tonight are coming the 54th Grammy's from Los Angeles and I will watch it at home.
I'm very curious, who is winning the big awards. I think Adele will receive the most Grammy's. Tomorrow we will know.


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