Let's talk about 90210

by - 2/07/2012

Let’s talk about California. I wish we have more sun here as in California. 
A new episode of 90210 with Annie, Naomi, Silver and Adrianna and their perfect style's will show us tonight who perfect can a girl look in 90210.A life to live in California except in Beverly Hills is like a dream. Every day the sun with a good looking teint and good feeling. 90210 is more than money. It isn’t just Hollywood, there are so much more. To get up in the morning, looking outside the window and see the lightblue sky with a awesome sunrise. The air is smelling like a deep pacific and you can wear a skirt with a nice pretty top and little sandals. Not thinking „Do I need a umbrella“. You will start the day with good music and then you have to go to work or college. The life in California is looking so easy and perfect like in 90210.Of course, their lifes are having up and downs. It doesn’t look really real, but they're showing us a show and if you have ever been in Calfiornia, you know beside the stories. The lifestyle, the feeling, the area looks like in the show.The style in 90210 is during the day really easy-going. You can wear some denim shorts with Biker Boots or you can wear a skirt with pumps, you can wear whatever you want. Everyone isn’t looking different, but their styles and looks are not the same.Annie Wilson = Shenae GrimesMy absolute favorite character in this show is Annie Wilson (Shenae Grimes) She's just looking perfect with her Boho-edgy style. Annie is prefering black with a hightlight. The most she wears high waisted denim shorts or cute little dresses with a little purse around her shoulder. Her film-character is really simpilar to her real life style. Shenae’s hair color is ombre with black and light brown endings and her make-up is smokey eyes.


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