Pretty in Pink

by - 2/08/2012

I know, I am talking a lot about Gossip Girl, but this time I would like to let you know, how pretty this the pink dress of Blair is in the next coming epsiode. I have seen the pictures yesterday in the magazines and I can’t wait to watch it.

It looks like Dan and Blair are coming together and that’s are the big news of Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl seems really pulsating like everytime.

Pretty in pink are just one thing for today. The new colors of nail polishes for spring are out.
I already love them and now, I just miss just one thing: the spring. The colors will look so colorful and lightful on your nails and there are so many ways so design it, with a nice blouse or blazer. This spring are so different to the last one.I’ve discovered the new collections in magazines and pubilcity campaigns.

Just a few colors of nail polishes


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