jewelry box view

by - 3/04/2012

hi guys
oh I really had a nice sunday. 
I picked my favorite jewelry of this weekend and I realized, that I have so much earrings, bracelets, necklaces...but I can't resist, when I see new things at the store. Accessories are the best of a whole outfit. The mix between a sweater with a nice necklace could be look so pretty together. 
Best tip for Accessories, don't wear to much. If you wear all kinds of jewelry in one, then you would look like a jewelry box:) The focus has to be on one or two things, not on 5 or so. 
Please, pick just max. 2 and combine them with a basic blouse or a sweater.  
Now, I'll read my new InStyle Magazine and drinking a cup of tea. 
Have a nice evening and sweet dreams. 

♥ Sabrina 

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