like a fairytale

by - 3/26/2012

Hello u could be my Cinderella
Hey or I could be your Romeo
Protection it darling I'll tell her tell her
Let's love how we do in the fairy fairytales
In the fairytales ooh
Hit me with your spell like a fairytale
Girl I want your... like a fairytale ooh
by Taylor Swift 

hi guys
My weekend was just sunny.   
I sat outside and had enjoyed my weekendAnd I've read a nice book that was about a fairytale and I was listening to one of my favorite song by Taylor Swift "like a fairytale".I was singing and listening the song my whole weekend. It remembers me of my last summer in california. About this book inspired me to post this today and the dress looks beautifully made ​​and only if I can only see these colorsI mean, look how wonderful would a princess in it.

♥ Sabrina 

P.S. and last but not leastjust one week then start again Gossip Girl

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