new in my closet

by - 3/09/2012

1. light-blue Blazer (H&M)
2. necklace (H&M)
3. black necklace (H&M)
4.skirt (H&M)
5. mint sweater (Primark)
6. Butterfly top (H&M)
7.little bird crop top (H&M)
8.darkred top / cornsilk top (Primark)
9. bustier top (Primark)
10. blue blouse (Primark)
11. red blouse (Primark)
12. American flag crop top (Gina Tricot)
13. blue Pants (Primark)
14. blue one-piece suit (Primark)
15. tan dress (Primark)
16. white bow top (Primark)

hi guys
spring is around the corner...I can feel it :)
Have a great start into the weekend
♥ Sabrina 

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