new in my closet

by - 4/05/2012

1. Primark hippie-dress 
2. Primark orange Top
3.H&M orange pastel pants
4.Gina Tricot white-pink Sweater
5.Primark denim veste
6.Primark pink dress
7.Primark white blouse
8. Primark black& white stripes blouse
9.Gina Tricot black dress
10. Primark white& blues stripes dress
11.Primark light pink blouse
12.H&M light blue pants
13.Primark 2 maxi skirts (red and beige)

hi guys
my closet is a thankful for new clothing's
I went shopping this week and I've bought so many new things.
Right now, it seems like a fall, because it is just raining and cold outside. So I can not wear anything of the new clothing items. That's really bad, but maybe this easter weekend could we get some hours of sunshine. 

♥ Sabrina 

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