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by - 5/14/2012

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Hi guys

last week was a really good week
The last week was a bit stressful, but I've got a lot of great stuff done.
In addition, I was walking a lot of the nice weatherThe best part of the week, but was my weekend.
My lovely friend Tami came to visit meWe had a pretty nice weekendWe were together at the zoo, have eaten at Vapiano nice evening together and have watched a dvd
And otherwise, we have gone for a walk with Archie and have talked a lot.
I'll miss those weekends in the real next time.

Last night, I then watched the last episode of desperate housewivesAfter 8 seasons now, unfortunately deadline:(
Well, but fortunately I have the dvd so far in all seasons.

So today is Monday again and I'll have a nice sunny week in early.
My monday started with a nice breakfast buffet with my mom and my sister and I will watch tonight the series finale of GOSSIP GIRL
I'm so excited how Blair will decide Chuck or Dan. I would of course wish you a happy ending with Dan

♥ Sabrina ♥

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1 Kommentare

  1. Adore the pics! I especially like the one with that irresistible dog and with that sentence about friends, it's a beautiful saying. :D
    And I also love the "Desperate housewives"! Amazing series. :D