in & outside

by - 6/16/2012

Primark: blazer, blouse, watch, sandals, bracelets, sunglasses
Monki: High-waisted shorts
vj-style: bag

Hi guys
I couldn't decide, do I take pictures outside or inside. I did take pictures in both locations. 
I really like the rosa-black blazer and as I've seen the blazer at primark, I already had a version how great it looks with so many styles. So you probably will see the blazer in so different outfits this summer. I hope you like the blazer, too like me:)
Have a great saturday.

♥ Sabrina ♥

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2 Kommentare

  1. wow (: ich liebe diese Bluse !
    Darf ich fragen, was du beruflich machst, weil du einfach so in die USA ziehen kannst (: ?

  2. Ich studiere nur für ein paar Monate hier:)

    LG aus San Francisco