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by - 6/01/2012

Primark UK: floral top, clutch
H&M: necklace, IPhone Case, bracelet
Primark Germany: Wedges, ring
Zara: pants
vj-style.com: bracelet

Hi guys
Finally it's friday, but that means it will be my last weekend in germany, before  I am leaving to the US on monday
This day is so busy. I need to pack my suitcases, but I don't know, how to bring all my clothes in just 2 suitcases. I have never thought, that I have so much...:)
OK, but first I am posting this shiny outfit from yesterday and tonight I have another post for you guys. 
So, now I turn the music on and getting all my clothes out from my closet and get started. 

You can follow me also on instagram, how I am packing:)

♥ Sabrina ♥

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