bright blue or red

by - 7/28/2012

Primark: Skirt, Blouse
Forever 21: purse, ring, earrings, bracelet
Pumps: no name
Guess: watch
H&M: bracelet

Hi guys,
Did I already tell you, how fabulous the Golden Gate Bridge is? No, ok 
Now, I am gonna tell why: The Bridge is beside the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC my favorite bridge ever. The color can be change so different from one second to the other second. That's amazing. Every time when I see the bridge, then I realize I am in San Francisco:)
That's so a nice walk along the Golden Gate Bridge. 
I've taken this pictures really early in the morning, because it was so foggy first, and then it changed in a really nice summer sunny morning. 
I have chose this skirt with my red-orange blouse. These blue pumps are so bright in the sun and they look perfect to the skirt. 

Enjoy your saturday, guys

♥ Sabrina ♥

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