picnic with jesse, michelle...

by - 7/11/2012

Primark: dress, purse
Cotton On: wedges
H&M: necklace
Six: flower-ring, turquoise ring
Accessorize: earrings

Hi guys
Do you know the background from my pictures? 
Yes, it's from the 90's TV Show "Full-House" with Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. 
I still love the TV-Show and I've been to this place, I think 5 times already. And every time it's one highlight from San Francisco for me. 
That's the reason why I called this post "picnic with jesse, michelle..."

The dress looks perfect for a nice picnic and I got a rose from someone, because he thought it would look prefect to my dress. 
He was absolutely right. 

♥ Sabrina ♥

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