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by - 11/04/2012

october outfits - Grazia Magazine & IPad - OOTD 
Guten Morgen meine Lieben
Heute ist es mal wieder Zeit für mein Iphone-diary via instgram
Würde mich freuen wenn ihr mir dort  während der Woche folgt

Good morning my dears
Today it is once again time for my iphone-diary via instgram
Would be glad if you followed me there during the week

OOTD - Good Morning Archie - Primark Shopping
my jewelry desk - good morning Grazia magazine - Camera and Jewelry 
my room - my shoes - Vegas pyjama shirt
NYC -  new video on youtube "What's in my bag" - OOTD
OOTD - Sex and the City dvd-night - lunch 
One Tree Hill DVD's - OOTD - OOTD 
Archie - Snack for Archie - Salad for lunch
Laduree Macaroons - new vanity - OOTD
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