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by - 11/11/2012

new layout /// OOTD 

Einen wundervollen Sonntagmorgen
Eine Woche mit vielen Bildern schmückt heute meinen Blogpost. Würde mich freuen, wenn ihr mir auf Instagram folgen 

Have a great sunday morning
A week with so many pictures covers my blogpost, today.
I would look forward to, if you wanna follow me on Instagram.

instagram goes online /// mango order 
getting ready with my hair /// new video on youtube 
eos lipbalm /// OOTD 
new Lauren Conrad "Beauty" Book /// P2 lipsticks
golden pumps /// long v.dress OOTD
Shopaholics book /// OOTD
OOTD /// Breakfast-time 
OOTD /// hippie-boho wedges
Archie and me /// new pajama
OOTD /// new InStyle magazine and cupcakes
OOTD /// pretty Archie 
new Jolie & Essie nail polish /// OOTD
OOTD /// bebe lotion
good morning Archie /// new primark haul
chocolate sprinkles for breakfast /// new shoes
OBAMA four more years
OOTD /// cake-snack 


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