my iphone diary (instagram)

by - 11/18/2012

OOTD /// Gossip Girl

Guten Morgen,
es ist wieder soweit, für mein wöchentliches Iphone Diary. 
Schaut einfach mal auf INSTAGRAM vorbei.
Würde mich freuen

Good morning,
it's time for my weekly iphone diary. You can follow
OOTD /// Family Dinner 
X-Mas decoration /// me
my room /// breakfast-time
OOTD /// Summer and the City book
EMA's /// OOTD
GALA magazine /// dessert 
Breakfast /// decoration
me /// new cross sweater
OOTD /// it's tea-time in november
all my earrings /// OOTD
homemade dessert /// OOTD
me /// OOTD
Macbook & new Lauren Conrad Book /// OOTD
my rings /// me


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