happy holiday

by - 12/25/2012

coat: Primark /// sweater: h&m
dress: Primark /// headband: h&m /// bag: Louis Vuitton 
necklace: h&m /// heels: h&m
watch: Michael Kors /// bracelets: Forever 21
belt: New Yorker /// ring: SIX

A wonderful Christmas morning, my dears I hope you had a wonderful Christmas eve., yesterday in the company of your loved ones, as I do. First, we had our Christmas dinner, then there was time to unpacked our presents and later we have our traditional film "The Santa Clause" watched. I was also blessed me so abundantly and what Santa has brought, I will show in the next week here on my blog. Since I'm on holiday at the moment and the internet here is not the best, it takes a long time. Yet still follows every day a new post. Wish you all a happy first Christmas Day 


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