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by - 12/23/2012


Wünsche Euch einen schönen  4. Adventssonntag
Folgt mir täglich auf Instagram: soguemoments

Have a nice sunday before christmas
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Breakfast with my daddy /// OOTD
seventeeen STYLE /// GRAZIA break
new shopping haul /// OOTD
new ELLE /// OOTD
OOTD /// daily make up and fragrance 
new Tiffany box /// OOTD
OOTD /// new Pjyama 
Gossip Girls Goodbye /// OOTD
Breakfast with my family /// OOTD
goodnight /// 3 christmas looks
new nail polishes and jewelry /// saturdays breakfast 
new yellow coat like Olivia Palermo /// packing for my vacation
OOTD /// h&m package arrived 
american dinner /// new InStyle and christmas nail polish by P2


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