VIVA Las Vegas

by - 10/14/2013

Hi guys,
summer is already over, and I have so many pictures from my vacation left. Now, I decided to post more looks from today. 3 Looks are coming up every day till  I have posted all my Fashion-Outfits from my amazing america journey this summer. 
This dress was one of my favorites and plus the turban. I think, this accessories will come with me a lot in the next coming months. It fits perfectly to every outfit and it's a really old-classic eye-catcher from the 1920's.
Las Vegas is really a place to have fun. See the big lights in the middle of nowhere. 
All these big casinos, lights, hotels. It's totally worth to see the playground of magic.

My Look
TjMaxx dress turban necklace
Steve Madden sandals
RayBan sunglasses
Forever 21 purse

Sabrina n

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  1. Great pics and a sweet outfit. :)