Travel to Beijing

by - 4/30/2015

Travel to Beijing

Travel to Beijing by soguemoments featuring a cotton backpack

I am going to Beijing and then Hong Kong in 2 days. I am so excited 
New Country, I need to visit. 
I have studied a lots of things, I wanna see on my trip in China
I've picked my TOP 12 things and in the next days, I will show you my Hong Kong Must Haves to see. 
See u 

Top 12 of Beijing 

1.Forbidden City 

2. The great wall

3.summer palast

4.beijing map

5. temple of earth

6. skyline of Beijing

7. lama temple

8. Friends Cafe in Beijing

9. Restaurants in Ghost Street

10. Shopping Malls in Beijing

11. traffic in Beijing

12. Giants Panda in Beijing Zoo

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